Wednesday, June 23, 2021

10 Female Singers Who Are Using Their Voices Wisely

10 Female Singers Who Are Using Their Voices Wisely


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Kidding aside, being an outspoken woman without being called “pushy” is inevitable, especially when voicing out your political opinions. Thankfully, generations before us already had the guts and did not mind what the public has against them. Despite this, though, women still receive criticisms for this– even to this day.

Celebrities are no exception to this. Actually, some of them had it the hard way as they were trained to just do their jobs and be neutral. But that’s not the case to these artists who went out of their way and used their platforms how they think they should.

1. Tracy Chapman

Photo Source: Tracy Chapman Online Facebook Page

You might remember her for Fast Car, but that’s not the only thing she should be noted for!.

Once dubbed by Rolling Stones by being a “powerful new” voice, Tracy Chapman’s self-titled album consists of 11 tracks that tackled violence against women, racism, and poverty. Here’s a little snippet from the singer-songwriter’s 32 year old record:

“Poor people gonna rise up/And get their share/Poor people gonna rise up/And take what’s theirs…”

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