10 Funniest Tiktok Videos By Jodi Sta. Maria That Will Make You LOL

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Do you ever miss the specific kind of entertainment the Musical.ly app used to offer? Well, don’t worry because TikTok is here for you! The users are free to create fun and short videos as creative as they want to! Even Jodi Sta. Maria, one of the busiest celebrities we have, is hooked!

Jodi is an avid TikTok user that has 76 videos on her account enjoyed by 459.8k followers, giving her a grand total of 1.5m hearts or likes. Compilation videos of her Tiktok videos have also been circulating on her social media sites, so we are here to give you a guide which video to start with!

1. Harap sa likod harap!

Jodi imitates a soldier who was given a command to do an about face and to start marching. A second after, some music starts. Watch how Jodi dances at the 4:12 mark until 4:26.

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