10 Likely 2022 Presidential Candidates

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6. Chel Diokno

Veteran human rights lawyer, educator, and advocate, Chel Diokno is chairman of the Free Legal Assistance Group, which help those against political repression, military and police abuses, and the death penalty. They also handled legal cases for the urban poor, indigenous peoples, workers, students, and other disenfranchised sectors of Philippine society.

Chel Diokno’s first stint for public office was for a senatorial seat in the 2019 elections. Because he stayed out of the limelight helping those who can’t protect themselves and having no funds and no connections, he lost.

Capturing the vote of the youth as a “woke lolo,” Diokno is seen as a strong potential presidential candidate by Samira Gutoc and Manolo Quezon of the opposition for 2022.

Photo credit; Chel Diokno Official Facebook