10 Tips To Consider When Courting A Filipina


Have you ever been in love with a Filipina? Have you ever wished you had the guts to date one but never did?

Admit it… guys, both local and foreign, usually can’t resist the beauty of Filipino women. They possess unique qualities that make them naturally beautiful both inside and out.

However, getting into a relationship with a Filipina isn’t just a walk in the park. A guy would have to go through a rigorous ligaw or courtship process to get that much awaited yes.

To give you a brief idea of what ligaw is – it is a Philippine tradition, wherein guys have to prove their intentions to woo the woman they love. Though the concept of courtship has changed throughout the years, some Filipinas continue to embrace this tradition.

Sound simple? Some guys see this as a real challenge. You’d be lucky enough to get her to say yes only after a few weeks. This process may take months, or even years!

To save your time worrying about what may be, here are 10 tips you can take note of when courting a Filipina:

10. Be honest about your feelings

First things first… before courting a Filipina, let her know what you really feel about her. Rather than hinting your interest in taking your friendship to the next level, let her know about your intentions.

To avoid being in a grey area where neither of you knows the status of your relationship, deliberately ask her to be your girlfriend. Being on the same page will allow her to slowly open her heart for a potential relationship.