Monday, December 6, 2021

Build Your Halloween Castle With This Oreo Chocolate Cookie Graveyard Kit

Build Your Halloween Castle With This Oreo Chocolate Cookie Graveyard Kit


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Oreo has introduced the Spooky Graveyard Chocolate Cookie Kit just in time for Halloween, suggesting that building a structure out of cookies doesn’t have to be limited to gingerbread houses.

The kit comes with a selection of sweets and cookie pieces to let you create your own frightening graveyard along with tombstones and a haunted mansion, making it the ideal delicious Halloween-themed activity to partake in this month of October.

The kit includes a mausoleum and tombstones to create a miniature spooky graveyard. For those major attractions, it comes with pre-cut cookie forms. The package contains full-size and small Oreo cookies, pre-made frosting, and an orange, purple, and black candy variety in bead and bat shapes to garnish and keep everything in place.

Step-by-step directions are also included, which will be handy for anybody building a graveyard out of cookie fragments for the very first time.

“Decorate your own frighteningly delicious spooky graveyard with this Oreo cookie kit,” according to the product description on the Michaels website.

“Use icing and assorted candy pieces to decorate a mausoleum and tombstones to create a haunted graveyard. This will make a wonderful project and display this Halloween,” added the description.

It might also be a fun way to start a new family pastime of creating mini cemeteries together which could be a lot of fun. The kit costs around USD 15 (PHP 766) and can be purchased at Michaels.

If you really want to go all out, Oreo offers a monster cookie decorating kit that you can use to add creatures to the eerie graveyard for the perfect frightening cookie display. The set costs USD 31 (PHP 1,584) on Amazon.


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