Dogs Attempt Invisible Challenge On Twitter, Instagram

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Social media users have seen comedic photos and videos of dogs attempting challenges with their paw-rents over the last few years. Whether it was about trying to see how dogs react when their owners “disappear” behind blankets or checking if golden retrievers could truly hold an egg in their mouths, many people have found joy in seeing man’s best friend bond with their beloved humans. The growing popularity of the new Invisible Challenge on Twitter and Instagram is no exception.

If you’d like to give it a try, the challenge is simple: all you need is a sheet of cling wrap, tape, and an open passageway for your dog to pass through. The cling wrap should be positioned at just the right height for your dog to notice it. Once you’re ready, have your dog follow you to the cling-wrapped passageway and jump over it.

The reactions that follow after are what makes this challenge entertaining. Some dogs weren’t fooled by their owners’ shenanigans, while others found themselves stumped at what to do and looked heckin’ bamboozled at how their owner made it through. At the end of the day, doing the challenge is about having fun with your pet so make sure that your dog isn’t harmed in the process

Check out some of our favorite Invisible Challenge videos:

1. @mayapolarbear

Youtube-famous dog Maya attempted the Invisible Challenge four times but the adorable samoyed never found her way past the cling wrap–even when she attempted to use her puppy eyes.

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