IMAO Obra Typeface: A New Filipino Font

The Imao Obra typeface was inspired by national artist Abdulmari Asia Imao, a native of Sulu who is famous for his efforts in creating and inspiring Philippines Muslim art and culture. Imao, known for mixing traditional Islamic design with Modernist patterns, was awarded the Philippines National Artist, his trademark being the Sarimanok, Okir, and Naga motifs which were integrated into every typeface character.

Artists and designers translated the typefaces into merchandise such as shirts, jackets, shoes, bags, and even home items like pots, lamps, spray can centerpieces, and a chair.

It was launched last May 6, 2019, with an exhibition in the Ayala Museum. Imao, was a native of Sulu who is renowned for his use of Tausug and Maranao motifs in his art.

Abre Linea, Aranaz, Artwork, Boyet Custodio, Drin Alejandro, Femi Cachola, Fine Time Studios, Geoff Estevez, Jappy Agoncillo, Joco Comendador, Kenneth Tan,, Renan Pacson, Support Your Friends, Wanderskye and Drea Dizon, Leeroy New, Ibarra Watches, and WS are the collaborators included in the project.m

See the wonder-filled works of the Philippine national artist translated into a new Filipino typeface.

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