Italy Has The Most ‘Italian’ Way Of Reducing Plastic Waste

Bars in Italy are now using pasta straws as an alternative to the plastic ones to reduce plastic waste.

Made of wheat and water, pasta straws are flavorless, edible, and can be made into compost if unconsumed. They last over an hour, and longer if used with cold drinks. Now say, you’re drinking rum and refilled it with ice, this causes the product to last longer. On the other hand, dipping it in hot liquids will make it soft (if you’re not familiar with the basic laws of cooking pasta).

Here in Italy bars are starting to use pasta as straws to reduce plastic use. Our technology amazes the world another time. from europe

This was after international brands like McDonald’s and Starbucks announced to eliminate the circulation of plastic straws in the near future.

Philippines is now complying to fight plastic pollution too. A study in 2015 led by Jenna Jambeck, an environmental engineer from University of Georgia, states that Philippines’s annual plastic waste accumulates to a total of 1.88 million metric tons since 2010.

The government now works hand in hand to combat this issue. This includes the implementation of ‘No Plastic Policy’ in certain cities (Quezon City, Makati, Pasig, etc.).

Due to said policy, consumers are now encouraged to bring eco-bags when shopping, purchase reusable straws, and lessen the use of styrofoam or plastic utensils.

One of the goals of this movement is to fight climate change by preserving marine life since it’s been established how harmful plastic pollution is to them.

It’s good that various brands are now acknowledging the aftermaths that plastic waste contribute to our environment. However, despite all these adjustments, there are still a number of solutions — requiring a worldwide effort — that we should come up with to completely combat this crucial matter.

Photo Source: Stroodles_Straws Instagram Page