Legazpi Posts 90% Dog Vaccination This Year

The City Veterinary Office has administered anti-rabies vaccine to 21,056 out of the 23,236 registered dogs in 70 villages here from January to November 15, an official said on Wednesday.

CVO chief, Dr. Emmanuel Estipona said the figures show a 90-percent accomplishment in the city’s dog vaccination program.

He said the city’s anti-rabies or High-Density Vaccination (HDV) program is an annual activity of the CVO that seeks to maintain the status of Legazpi as “zero-rabies territory”.

Estipona encouraged all pet owners to put up an animal pound in their backyard to make sure their pets could not roam the roads, especially in crowded public places to lessen the dog bites cases in the community.

“I will ask all the village officials including the Barangay Health Workers (BHW) to remind their constituents at their own respective areas that at the age of three months, their dogs should be vaccinated, and to always consult a veterinarian regarding the health of their animals,” he added.

Estipona said barangay leaders have an important role in curbing dog bites by way of educating residents on responsible pet ownership.

He said his office has impounded stray dogs in different villages including subdivisions as part of the city’s stray dog elimination program to prevent rabies infection and also to lessen vehicular accidents on public roads.

Based on record, the CVO has captured 1,151 stray dogs from January until mid-November.

The stray dogs’ elimination program was an off-shoot of the anti-rabies ordinance which promulgates the rules and regulations of the rabies control and prevention program.

Based on the ordinance, all the dogs and cats must be registered at their respective barangays and must be vaccinated against rabies.

Violators shall pay a fine of PHP1,000 or face imprisonment of five to 10 days at the discretion of the court on the first offense.

On the second offense, violators will have to pay PHP2,000 and/or face imprisonment of 15 to 20 days at the discretion of the court while on the third offense, they will have to pay PHP3,000 and/or be jailed from 25 to 30 days at the discretion of the court. (PNA)

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