Monday, December 6, 2021

Money Heist Season 5’s Volume 2 Teases The End Of The Final Heist

Money Heist Season 5’s Volume 2 Teases The End Of The Final Heist


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Netflix has released a 25-second teaser for the last five episodes of the popular Spanish series, known as La casa de papel.

After five seasons, the Spanish criminal drama will conclude its journey. Netflix aired the first episode of Money Heist’s final season in early September, with the Professor and his team battling for their life inside the bank of Spain.

Money Heist has always depended on cliffhangers and unexpected plot twists to convince viewers that the Professor has a defensive strategy for everything.

The professor can be heard describing the events in the quick teaser. He states in Spanish that “In the last few hours, I’ve lost people very dear to me. And I won’t let anyone else fall because of this heist.”

Additionally, Money Heist ended upon several cliffhangers, like Helsinki’s urgent need for a limb amputation and Stockholm self-injecting morphine to mentally check out, implying that there are an endless number of loose ends to tie.

It’s quite apparent that the stakes have never been greater. For the first time in many seasons, the series will unlikely to depend on cliffhangers to maintain suspense, and the storyline will need to be concluded satisfactorily for fans who have stayed with the show for several seasons.

Part 5, which will premiere on Netflix on December 3, will finalize the robbers’ attempt to rob the Bank of Spain.

Watch the teaser trailer for Volume 2 of Part 5 here:

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