Sarah G Gets New And Trusted Partner For Boosting Her Immunity


She is known as the country’s Popstar Royalty with a very large and loyal fan base. Even if she is busy
with her showbiz commitments, Sarah Geronimo-Gudicelli makes sure that she closely monitors her
health and that she takes her Vitamin C every day.

Now that Sarah has settled down and is ready to start her own family, she knows that she has to
prioritize her and her family’s immunity in these unprecedented times. Sarah has found a new partner in
strengthening her immunity as she is the new celebrity endorser of Fern C.

“Inferness, Fern C is a big help for me because most of the time, I leave the house without eating
breakfast,” Sarah related. “Fern C is sodium ascorbate, so I can take it even on an empty stomach
without having to worry about getting the acidic side effect.”

Fern C is the number one sodium ascorbate brand that can up our immunity without the acidity caused
by certain Vitamin C brands. It is an immune system booster, an anti-oxidant and increases resistance to
infectious diseases without the acidic side effect. This non-acidic form of Vitamin C also means that
more people can take Fern-C anytime even on an empty stomach.

“Sarah is the perfect celebrity endorser of Fern-C because she is the embodiment of a successful and
busy person who wants to always boost her immunity by taking Fern-C,” said Sharmaine Abarientos, the
General Manager of STADA. “Both Sarah and Fern-C are the best in their fields because they are both
established and have the desire to help more people improve their health and well-being.”

In addition to having a new celebrity endorser, Fern-C is now being manufactured by STADA. STADA, a
German pharmaceutical company, is a trusted and reliable partner in Europe for more than 120 years. It
is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceuticals with a long-standing heritage rooted in
pharmacies. Its goal is to offer quality medicines at reasonable prices across all segments of healthcare –
specialty, generics and consumer health.

As part of their aggressive expansion, the group acquired Fern-C, one of the leading brands in the local
Vitamin C market. Worldwide, the STADA Group is represented in more than 30 countries in about 50
subsidiaries. In the Philippines, it is a strong player in the field of Ophthalmology and is poised to expand
its footprint in the generics and consumer health business with brands like Oilatum and Zerochol.

“Fern-C will be better than ever under STADA because we will really give the brand the boost it needs in
terms of heavier campaign support and greater brand accessibility,” Abarientos said. “Fern C has an
established brand heritage and we will be able to develop a strong consumer healthcare platform to
launch other quality product as well as to provide better health for all Filipinos.”