Wednesday, January 19, 2022

SM Markets: ‘Here To Serve’

SM Markets: ‘Here To Serve’


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SM Markets, the supermarket business of SM, is ‘’Here to Serve’ the needs of the local economy as it increases support for food businesses carried in its stores.

Due to the long and strict lockdowns to help curb the Covid-19 pandemic, many people were unable to go and dine out at their favorite restaurants.

SM was quick to respond and support its partner restaurants especially those in the malls to develop, market and roll out new products. These products include ready-to-cook or ready-to-eat meals carried in SM Markets’ stores to cater to pandemic customer needs.

“By offering our supermarkets as venues for these products, SM Markets allowed its partners to reinvent the dining experience with their bestselling dishes and bring the restaurant closer to home,” Arnold Daluz, SM Hypermarket President said.

At present, SM Markets has a total of 22 brands available in 68 of its stores. These include the Max’s group of restaurants such as Pancake House, Max’s, Yellow Cab, Teriyaki Boy, Dencio’s. It also carries DECS, Goldilocks, United Steak, Tokyo Tokyo, Tapa King, Adobo Connection, Rico’s Lechon, Ramen Nagi, Ersao, Biggs, Marina, Cibo, Kenny Rogers, Yes Efren’s barbeque, the Moment Group’s Manam, Din Tai Fung, as well as 8 cuts.

“With growing concerns over safety during this pandemic, SM Markets expanded their product lines to accommodate more frozen items which can also be purchased online. With the SM Markets’ Take Home Specials project, DECS frozen items such as the various variants of siomai and other dim sum products are now available in several SM Markets. It also gave DECS the opportunity to reach to families by making DECS’ products available online through Thank you, SM Markets for being an excellent partner to making more families enjoy DECS products,” said Justin Chua, President DECS Dimsum Dynasty Inc.

By staying open especially during lockdowns, SM Markets supported its micro, small and medium (MSME) suppliers’ operations. It worked closely with its supply chain partners as well to keep its shelves stocked and enhanced its product range to provide essential items for its customers. It also continues to provide high traffic selling spots for local products from various regions, utilizing its wide interiors to showcase these products.

“The pandemic brought about not only the need to overcome the health crisis but the need to provide greater support to sustain the well-being of many components of the local economy. As an essential business, we aim to be resilient to sustain operations especially for the sake of our customers, our partners and our communities,” Jojo Tagbo, SM Supermarket President said.

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