Monday, December 6, 2021

The Boosted Vlog Guide For Content Creator Newbies!

The Boosted Vlog Guide For Content Creator Newbies!


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The continuing popularity of social media has encouraged Gen Z to share their lives online. These days, the preferred platform is video, with more young Filipinos starting vlogs. Debuting a channel is easy, but an aspiring vlogger must keep a few things in mind if they want to grow their following and reach people.

Below are 3 simple tips to help first-time content creators:

1. Choose a topic. While it’s tempting to vlog about anything under the sun, it would be better to concentrate on a specific niche. They can focus on fashion, travel, or food, but it’s important to stick to just one. This way, it’s easier to build a following and find potential viewers for the channel.

2. Be authentic. Another crucial thing to do is to start with what they know and to keep it real. The vlogger can lead with authority if he/she speaks on a subject he/she is passionate about. This is also where ‘branding’ comes in. The more versed the vlogger is about his/her content, the more inspiring and enjoyable it will be for his/her followers.

3. Use the right device. An excellent gadget can assist the vlogger with his/her videos. Thankfully, Samsung offers a number of smartphones built with high-quality cameras that can replace heavy equipment.

Samsung designed the A-series with features to help users go live. The Galaxy A50s boosts the user’s life with an advanced multi-camera setup consisting of a 48MP main camera, 8MP ultra-wide lens with a 123-degree field of vision and Super Steady Feature, and a 5MP live focus. It is also equipped with a 32MP front camera with Selfie Focus and Smart Beauty features. The Galaxy A30s, on the other hand, features a triple-rear camera setup with 25MP main camera, 5MP Live Focus shooter, and 8MP Ultra-wide lens. The device also sports a 16MP front camera with Selfie Focus.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy A20s and A10s help the users so they can do more with their elevated features at an affordable cost. The Galaxy A20s comes with a triple camera that includes a 13MP (F1.8) main camera, an 8MP wide-angle camera, a 5MP live focus lens, and an 8MP selfie camera. The Galaxy A10s is equipped with a dual-camera setup consisting of a 13MP (F1.8) main camera, a 2MP (F2.4) live focus lens, and an 8MP (F2.0) front camera. The new A-series smartphones are powered by a 4,000mAh battery so vloggers can stay connected and vlog all day.

The Galaxy A-Series is available at any Samsung-authorized store nationwide. The Galaxy A50s is available at a suggested retail price of Php 18,990, while the Galaxy A30s is at Php 12,990. Lastly, the Galaxy A20s is at Php 9,990 and the Galaxy A10s is available at Php 6,990.

In addition, amazing treats and freebies await consumers via the Samsung Members app, a one-stop app for a total galaxy of experiences.

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