Who is Gigi Hadid’s New Beau?

After the model’s split with on and off again boyfriend, Zayn Malik, it seems as if him Gigi Hadid has found love in a new man. And it’s not our beloved brooding boy band member turned R&b singer. It’s Tyler Cameron!

Now Tyler may not be as famous as Zayn but he too belongs to the modeling world. He’s also known for being part of the Bachelorette. But wait, if he’s competing for a woman in a show, where does this place him in Gigi’s life? According to Entertainment Tonight’s source, “things are very easy for Tyler and Gigi. They both are extremely kind and want the same things in life. They are both in the modeling world and understand each other’s passion.”

Is he really Hadid’s new beau? Or is he merely a man friend?

Photo Credit: Tyler Cameron Official Instagram