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12 Ways Your Best Friend Is Like The Sibling You Never Had


12 Ways Your Best Friend Is Like The Sibling You Never Had


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Having a best friend who feels like a sibling is one of the greatest joys in life because it means having someone who understands you completely, stands by you through thick and thin, and shares your most cherished memories.

This type of friendship goes beyond just hanging out or having fun together; it involves a deep emotional connection, mutual trust, and an unspoken bond that is hard to describe.

Your best friend is the person you call at any time of day or night, the one who knows your secrets, your dreams, and your fears, and the one who supports you unconditionally. You’ve been through so much together, from school days to major life events, and you’ve come to rely on each other like family.

This relationship is built on countless small moments and shared experiences that have cemented your bond over time. Here are 12 signs that you and your best friend are practically siblings.

1. You Have A Secret Language

You and your best friend can communicate with just a look. Inside jokes, unique slang, and even silent gestures make up your own secret language. Whether it’s sending each other memes that only you both understand or cracking up over a single word that holds a hilarious memory, your communication is next-level.

Even in a crowded room, you can have whole conversations with just your eyes, making everyone else wonder what’s so funny or interesting. Your secret language is like a private club with only two members, and it makes you feel even closer to each other.

2. You Fight Like Siblings… And Make Up Just As Quickly, Or It Can Last For Months

Arguments between you and your best friend can happen, just like they do with siblings, because no relationship is perfect.

You might have the occasional blow-up over trivial things, like why they replied late when they were actively posting on social media, or when they forgot to re-story an Instagram story where you mentioned them. You can also fight because one of you did not follow the plan during a vacation or when they chose to hang out with another friend when you were visiting them.

These arguments can be resolved easily or can take months until one of you decides to reach out. No matter the minutes or days it takes you both to make up, the bond remains and no awkwardness lingers. After every argument, you come out stronger because you’ve proven once again that your friendship can withstand anything.

3. You Have Shared Wardrobe Privileges

Your best friend’s closet feels like an extension of your own because borrowing each other’s clothes is a given in your friendship. You’ve probably lost track of which hoodie or pair of sneakers originally belonged to whom because your styles have influenced each other over time.

This easy sharing of wardrobes is a sign of how comfortable you are with each other because you trust them with your favorite pieces. When you’re out shopping, you instinctively know what they would like and often pick out things for each other because you understand their taste as well as your own.

4. Your Families Have Adopted You Both

Your relationship with your best friend’s family is so close that they treat you like one of their own because you’ve become a permanent fixture in their lives. Their parents care about you and look out for you just as much as your own because they’ve seen how important you are to their child.

Family dinners, holidays, and even family vacations include both of you, making you feel like an honorary member of each other’s families. You’ll notice that your families will look for your duo when you’re out together.

It’s not even unusual for you to be more excited about your best friend’s family gatherings than your own because you’ve formed such strong bonds with them. Your best friend feels the same way about your family because they’ve also been welcomed with open arms and treated like another child.

5. You Have the Same Pet Peeves

Spending so much time together has made you and your best friend incredibly similar, even down to the things that annoy you because you’ve developed the same pet peeves.

Whether it’s a mutual disdain for touchy individuals, a shared hatred for people who comment every minute during a movie, or getting irritated by people who can’t tell the truth even when it’s obvious, you both get annoyed by the same things, often at the same time.

6. You Have a ‘No Filter’ Policy

With your best friend, there’s no need to hold back or sugarcoat anything because you’ve established a ‘no filter’ policy in your relationship. You can be brutally honest with each other without fear of judgment because you know that the other person values your honesty above all else.

Whether it’s giving each other style advice, discussing life choices, or talking about personal issues, you can speak your mind freely because you trust each other completely.

This level of honesty helps you both grow and improve because you know that any criticism is coming from a place of love and support. It’s a rare and valuable aspect of your relationship because it means you never have to pretend or put on a façade.

7. You’ve Been Through Every Major Life Event Together

From graduations to breakups, you and your best friend have experienced all the highs and lows of life side by side because your bond is unbreakable. Each significant milestone feels incomplete without them because they’ve been there for every important moment.

You’ve supported each other through tough times, celebrated each other’s successes, and shared countless memories that have shaped who you are today. You’ve seen each other grow and change over the years, and you’ve always been there to offer a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on.

8. You Have the Same Humor

Your sense of humor is so aligned that you often laugh at the same things, sometimes even before the punchline is delivered because you know exactly what will make the other person laugh. Whether it’s over a meme, a funny story, or a spontaneous joke, your shared laughter is a constant in your friendship.

You have a collection of inside jokes that can make you both burst into laughter with just a word or a glance because they remind you of funny moments you’ve shared. This shared sense of humor means that even in tough times, you can find something to laugh about together because humor is a big part of how you cope with life’s challenges.

9. You Comfortably Hang Out in Silence

Sometimes, you don’t need to talk because the comfort of just being in each other’s presence is enough. You can sit in the same room, each doing your own thing, and it’s never awkward because you’ve reached a level of familiarity and ease with each other that goes beyond words.

Whether you’re reading, watching TV, or just relaxing, the silence is filled with a sense of companionship and understanding. It’s a rare and special quality in any relationship because it means you don’t feel the need to entertain or impress each other.

10. You’re Each Other’s First Call

Whenever something significant happens in your life, your best friend is the first person you think to call or text because they’re your go-to for sharing every detail. Whether it’s good news, bad news, or just a random thought, they’re the one you want to talk to because you know they’ll understand and care.

They’re the person you rely on for support, advice, and celebration because you trust them completely. This role as your first call in any situation is a testament to the strength of your bond because it means you prioritize them above everyone else.

11. You’ve Practically Moved In

Your best friend’s house feels like a second home because you’ve spent so much time there that it’s almost like you live together. You have your own designated spot on their couch, a toothbrush in their bathroom, and you probably know their pantry better than your own because you’re there so often.

Sleepovers have become so frequent that they’re more like a regular occurrence than a special event because you’re always welcome. It’s not just about the physical space, though; it’s about the feeling of belonging and being at home wherever the other person is.

12. You’ve Survived Road Trips Together… Even If You End Up Fighting During The Road Trip

Long hours in a car can test any relationship, but you two thrive on road trips because they’ve only strengthened your bond. Singing along to your favorite songs, sharing snacks, and navigating together has created countless memories that you both cherish.

Even if you end up fighting during the trip, you always make up quickly because you know that these little arguments are just a part of spending so much time together. These trips are filled with laughter, stories, and the occasional disagreement, but they’re all part of what makes your friendship so special.

Having a best friend who feels like a sibling is a rare and beautiful thing because it means having someone who understands you completely, stands by you through thick and thin, and shares your most cherished memories. This type of friendship is built on memories, love, and appreciation for each other.

Cherish your best friend because relationships like these are hard to find and even harder to replace. They are your confidant, your partner in crime, and your lifelong companion, making every moment together a precious memory.