Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Beat The Red Days: How To Stay Fashionably Comfy During Your Period

Don’t let the red days beat you and your fashion plans! Remember these fashion tips to stay in style even during your period.

6 Important Things To Consider When Dorm Hunting For College

Hey there, freshie! Keep in mind these crucial things when you start dorm-hunting!

Five Things You Can Do With ShopeePay

Here’s a quick rundown of the things you can do with ShopeePay so you won’t miss out:

Ex-Ally Wishes PRRD Good Health, Happy Life Away From Politics

Senator Aquilino Pimentel III congratulates President Duterte as he vacates Malacañang in two days.

More Space For Local Products Pushed In Tacloban Airport

You can now buy more “pasalubong” inside the new souvenir section in the pre-departure area at Tacloban Airport.

Marcos Urged To Continue Libreng Sakay Until December

A lawmaker asked the incoming administration to continue the Libreng Sakay transport program to help ease the impact of surging fuel prices on commuters.

September Every Year Declared ‘Bamboo Month’

According to a recent proclamation signed by President Duterte, September will be designated as "Philippine Bamboo Month" every year.

Imee Pushes For Revival Of Nutribun, Kadiwa Stores

Enhanced Nutribun and the Kadiwa stores may soon be rolling out again in schools and villages around the country as the Marcos family is poised to make a comeback in Malacañang.

Bridge Links Remote Eastern Samar Town To Highway

A remote town in Eastern Samar is now connected to the national highway through a newly-completed bridge.

Cruise Tourism Back In Eastern Visayas After 3 Years

Cruise tourism will resume in Eastern Visayas in 2023 after a three-year break due to pandemic travel restrictions.

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