Tuesday, June 18, 2024

AXE Teams Up With Mark Tuan As The Face Of Its New Fine Fragrance Collection


AXE Teams Up With Mark Tuan As The Face Of Its New Fine Fragrance Collection


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AXE, the king of body sprays, has now conquered the world of fine fragrances with its daring move of launching the new AXE Fine Fragrance Collection, which promises to deliver body sprays that are even finer than the most sought-after perfumes from luxury houses.

To achieve this feat, AXE has collaborated with renowned fragrance companies like Givaudan and Firmenich, and fragrance expert Ann Gottlieb. The result is a sophisticated collection of scents that are designed to captivate and allure. And to lead this line, AXE has handpicked international celebrity Mark Tuan to be the face of its Fine Fragrance Collection.

The Taiwanese-American rapper, singer, and model perfectly epitomize the new line’s promise of premium, luxurious, and unforgettable scents. He brings his charm and swag to AXE, ushering in a new era for the brand and introducing a new collection of scents that shows that everyone can attain luxury.

The “hyung,” or oldest member of the popular South Korean boy band Got7, has made his mark on the industry as a model and trusted endorser. He is known on the international stage with his unique “east meets west” blend, giving him the best of both worlds—a universal appeal that embodies what AXE is all about. Mark’s influence extends beyond his music; his style and persona reflect the qualities of the AXE Fine Fragrance Collection: fresh, bold, and finer than fine.

Axe Fine Fragrance Collection

AXE’s Fine Fragrance Collection asserts that sophistication is universal, combining luxury and affordability. This new range affirms that one can enjoy life’s little luxuries with practicality and long-lasting value. The AXE man can have both. The collection showcases three exquisite scents: Aqua Bergamot, Blue Lavender, and Emerald Sage, designed for the discerning man who wants to enjoy life’s little luxuries but is also practical and wants longevity at a fantastic price point.

Each fragrance is a narrative, depending on one’s mood, lifestyle, and vibes, reflecting mood, lifestyle, and individuality.

Blue Lavender is icy, clean, and smooth; Aqua Bergamot offers an unmistakable, sparkling, marine vibe; and Emerald Sage presents a crisp, modern, green sensation.

The secret to AXE’s longevity in this new line of fragrances is their innovative Zinc Zap technology, promising up to 72 hours of freshness—a statement to the new line’s resilience and potency.

Experience a scent that’s finer than fine

What’s going on with Mark Tuan and AXE Fine Fragrance Collection is more than a mere partnership; it’s a revolution in men’s grooming. It’s a call to men everywhere to elevate their game—just like Mark—to be utterly unforgettable, have that effortless rizz, and live life in all caps!

Experience the captivating scents of the AXE Fine Fragrance Collection and be the center of attention wherever you go. AXE has set the bar high, and with this collection, they have once again proven why they are the leader in the fragrance industry. The AXE Fine Fragrance Collection is not just something to be included in your daily routine; it’s a manifesto that challenges every man to elevate, redefine elegance, and be, in every sense, finer than fine.

Smell #FinerThanFine with the New AXE Fine Fragrance Collection today! Now available in-store and online nationwide.