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Department Of Social Welfare And Development Chief Meets With Partner Organizations


Department Of Social Welfare And Development Chief Meets With Partner Organizations


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The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), led by Secretary Erwin T. Tulfo, welcomed the members of The World Bank and World Vision on Sept. 22 at the DSWD Central Office in Quezon City.

The DSWD, along with the two partner organizations, reaffirmed their commitments to accelerate and strengthen the social protection programs for the poor and vulnerable sectors as well as to protect the well-being of Filipino children.

In his message, Tulfo expressed his gratitude to the World Bank for their invaluable contributions in empowering communities in targeted poor and disaster-affected municipalities to achieve improved access to services and providing immediate relief assistance to the neediest to help them recover from the effects of any disaster or calamity.

“Undeniably, your valuable assistance in the implementation of social protection projects of the Department has greatly contributed in empowering the communities to achieve improved access to services and improving the lives of the poor and vulnerable by providing immediate assistance to aid them in combating the effects of the pandemic,” Tulfo said.

Country Director Ndiame Diop of the World Bank, likewise, stressed the importance of the partnership with the DSWD, particularly in poverty reduction and disaster response.

“That is why your Department is so important for us and we have had a very long-standing partnership with DSWD. Working together on those areas really helps reduce poverty, help the vulnerable, and help respond to natural disasters,” Diop said.

In a separate courtesy call, Tulfo recognized the support of the World Vision in keeping all Filipino children safe from online sexual abuse and exploitation and worst forms of child labor.

“We, at the DSWD, are fortunate to be working with organizations such as the World Vision in upholding and safeguarding the rights of every Filipino child. The Department recognizes that we cannot do the work alone, and the public and private sectors both have a stake in making the future of every Filipino child better and brighter,” Tulfo said.

“As we do our share towards economic recovery amid the pandemic, may we continue to strengthen the implementation of existing policies, programs, and services to improve the well-being of every child and end all forms of violence and exploitation to our children. This administration is open to hear your expert recommendations, at the same time raise the level of our partnership even further,” he added.

World Vision Executive Director Rommel Fuerte expressed their intent to continue the collaboration with the DSWD, proposed to revisit existing policies, and possibly widen the ongoing partnership.

“Right now we have a standing agreement on projects against child exploitation, probably that’s one thing we could revisit at some point if there will be reviews of the progress of our implementation so far, and of course in other aspects [such as] emergency and relief operations. World Vision would be very happy to collaborate with the DSWD on sites where we are operating, of course. We are not present in all provinces but in areas where we are present, World Vision would be very happy to work alongside DSWD,” Fuerte said.

The World Bank and World Vision have been partners of the Department in its endeavor of providing social protection programs and in protecting Filipino children. (PNA)

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