Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Fried Potatoes Can Cause Anxiety And Depression, According To Studies


Fried Potatoes Can Cause Anxiety And Depression, According To Studies


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Are you a fan of eating fried potatoes or any fried foods? You might want to think again because recent studies have shown that these foods can lead to mental health disorders.

Last month, an international study showed that high fried food consumption can contribute to damaging an individual’s mental health.

Based on the study, they have observed over 140,000 individuals who commonly eat fried foods, especially fried potatoes.

According to their observation, these individuals, commonly male and younger generation, have a 12% to 7% higher risk of having anxiety and depression compared to people who do not frequently consume fried foods.

Experts explained that fried foods have an acrylamide component that, when consumed frequently, can affect the healthy bacteria in the human body.

These healthy bacteria include serotonin, which, other than being the main component of one’s happiness, also controls a person’s mood.

With this, it can eventually affect the mental perspective of a person, just like sugar and alcohol content can do to your body.

To further support this study, experts are still looking for other pieces of evidence to know if there are still other aspects that fried foods can affect.

Hence, every intake of food will always have a limitation, which is why you should monitor what you eat to maintain a healthy and longer life.