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Gokongwei Brothers Foundation: Building The Future Through Education


Gokongwei Brothers Foundation: Building The Future Through Education


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The Gokongwei Brothers Foundation (GBF) stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and community development. For three decades, GBF has empowered countless individuals to realize their dreams and contribute to the country’s progress.

Established in 1992 by visionary brothers John Gokongwei, Jr., Henry Go, Johnson Go, and James Go. GBF emerged with the mission of creating a lasting impact on Philippine education and increasing the success of Filipino families across generations. Gokongwei’s remarkable journey from humble beginnings to a highly successful business magnate epitomized this commitment.

“Gokongwei Brothers Foundation believes that quality education is the foundation of a strong Philippine economy. Through the years, we have been striving for the advancement of STEM education, believing this is the driving force behind sustainable national development,” said Lance Gokongwei, head of the Gokongwei Group and GBF chairman, as the foundation celebrated its 31st year.

Mr. Lance Gokongwei, GBF Chairman, at Gokongwei Brothers Foundation’s 31st Anniversary Celebration

As GBF enters its next decade, it remains a testament to the Gokongwei family’s steadfast dedication to sustainable development and community welfare. Throughout its journey, the foundation has made significant strides in effecting positive change in Philippine communities. It continues to transform lives through the gift of education.

GBF continues its mission to nurture STEM professionals, driving innovation and industry growth while creating more job opportunities to improve the quality of life for Filipinos.

“We envision a future where every Filipino has access to quality education that enables them to have meaningful work—so they can help themselves, their family, and their community,” said Grace Colet, GBF’s Executive Director, as the foundation launched the flagship project for K to 12 Learners and Educators
In the past three decades, GBF has supported 3,000 scholars, 30,000 educators in teacher communities, and over 2,000 local communities in need. Through strategic partnerships, GBF empowers families with quality education, nurturing future leaders, innovators, and advocates of positive change.

GBF’s initiatives have left an indelible mark on the lives of countless Filipinos across the nation. Some of the foundation’s notable initiatives include:

The GBF TeachSTEM Scholarship aids educators in championing STEM within their schools and communities. In addition to degree grants, it equips scholars with opportunities to cultivate a STEM culture among Filipino learners and stakeholders.

GBF’s Iskolar ni Juan grants fully subsidized one-year scholarships to senior high school graduates keen on industrial machine operation. Following that, they undergo on-the-job training that prepares them for employment with URC-BCFG as a production operator or maintenance technician.

The Juan Kapatid Program aims to nurture STEM-ready achievers in public elementary schools. It provides tutorials and remediation programs focusing on bridging learning gaps in literacy, numeracy, and other developmental areas where young students may need support.

Lastly, the GBF STEM Scholarship for Excellence, in collaboration with the Gokongwei Group, recognizes exceptional college students studying STEM at renowned centers of excellence in the Philippines. These scholars exhibit strong academics, leadership potential, community engagement, and financial need, receiving annual grants until they earn their degree.

Commencing a new decade in its journey of shaping lives through exemplary STEM education, the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation maintains an unyielding dedication to its mission. The foundation persists in its efforts to expand avenues to boundless opportunities for students, educators, and families nationwide, resolutely upholding its commitment.

Lance Gokongwei renewed the group’s unrelenting commitment to a transformative education. “We declare GBF’s commitment to continue exploring pathways to possibilities for the betterment of education in our country.”