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Goodbye Black Hair: Hair Color Inspo From Filipino Celebrities


Goodbye Black Hair: Hair Color Inspo From Filipino Celebrities


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As another year starts, changing something about your appearance, such as your hair, might be a good idea! Get ready to say goodbye to your boring hair color and try something new this year!

To have a reference of what hair color fits you, here are some Filipino celebrities that totally rocked their colored hair!

1. Kathryn Bernardo

If you want a relaxed but unique hair color, then try Kathryn Bernardo’s red hair color shade! This shade is perfect for people who want to have not-so-vibrant hair just like the shades of brown.

There are instances wherein these shades of red are only visible in a person’s hair when it is exposed to sunlight or any strong light, which gives a lowkey vibe to the color.

2. Andrea Brilliantes

Want a rare hair color? Then you should try Andrea Brilliante’s red-orange hair! If you are someone who wants to try colors that require a bleaching process, this shade might be right for you.

It is a vibrant color when compared to other shades, but it will undoubtedly make you stand out not only because of its shade but also because it is the ideal color for fair-skinned people.

But remember, a hair color like this can be high maintenance, depending on your hair, so you better be careful.

3. Sofia Andres

If you’re still torn about whether to color your hair or not, why not try some highlights? Sofia Andres has black hair with blonde highlights on a few strands.

This is perfect for people who are still hesitant to color their whole hair and is also easy to style, as it also matches women who commonly tie their hair up.

4. Sue Ramirez

Do you want to channel your inner Regina George from Mean Girls? Then try this honey-blonde hair! Just like Sue Ramirez, this type of hair color commonly fits light-skinned individuals.

This hair shade also requires a bleaching process because it is a lighter color compared to black hair. Just like other rare colors, if you ever did this shade, always take note that it needs extra care to still have healthy, growing hair.

5. Sam Pinto

You really can’t go wrong with ash colors! Sam Pinto’s hair shade has recently become a trend with its beautiful color for any skin tone.

With this color, you should really trust the process because numerous products should be applied to your hair before you achieve such a shade. Ash-blonde colors are perfect for long-haired individuals, just like Sam Pinto!

Whatever your preferred hair color is, always remember to still take good care of your crowning glory, and also keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with trying something new!

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