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Legarda Renews Call To Regulate Use Of Single-Use Plastics


Legarda Renews Call To Regulate Use Of Single-Use Plastics


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Senator Loren Legarda renewed her call to regulate the use of single-use plastic products in business enterprises as an effective and immediate way to reduce waste.

“Plastic pollution is a serious matter of global concern. This plastic crisis needs an urgent and systematic response with the help of all relevant public and private stakeholders,” Legarda said.

Legarda has filed Senate Bill 246 or the “Single-Use Plastics Regulation and Management Act of 2022,” which aims to regulate the manufacturing, importation, and use of single-use plastic products and will also provide penalties, levies, and incentives for industries, businesses, and consumers.

The proposed measure provides an ambitious yet comprehensive approach to solving the single-use plastics problem, which involves actions from national and local governments, industries, business enterprises, and consumers for the manufacturing, selling, use, recycling, and disposal of all single-use plastics in the Philippines.

Legarda said the bill would reinforce the use of reusable materials. At the same time, all single-use plastics already in circulation will be collected, recycled, and properly disposed of in accordance with the provisions of the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act or the Republic Act No. 9003.

She added that the bill also mandates government agencies to conduct research and development on alternatives to single-use plastics, assess impacts on affected plastic industries, and develop alternative livelihood opportunities for the affected employees and workers therein.

Meanwhile, enterprises engaged or shifted in the manufacture of alternatives for single-use plastics will be given incentives in accordance with the existing laws.

On the other hand, violators will be fined ranging from P5,000 to P500,000 and permanent suspension of business permit, whereas government officials who fail to comply with and enforce this Act shall be administratively charged.

Regular monitoring and market inspection shall be institutionalized to supervise the implementation and compliance of the proposed measure.