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Looking For Your Next ‘Gala’? Here’s A List Of Indoor Firing Ranges In Manila


Looking For Your Next ‘Gala’? Here’s A List Of Indoor Firing Ranges In Manila


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Tired of going to the same places or doing the same activities with your friends? You may want to try shooting for a difference.

The idea of firing guns together is a great way to improve your social skills, sharpen your reflexes, release some stress, and plainly just have fun. It’s a great way to bond with your friends or learn cool stuff like how to shoot accurately.

If you’re a newbie to the world of firearms and shooting, it’s an intimidating place to be. You might think that the shooting range experience is exclusive for people who are from the military or police force. But there are actually many ways to get in touch with your inner sniper self.

Bring your ‘Call of Duty’ skills to real-life in these shooting/firing ranges around Manila:

1. Stronghand Shooting Range

Stronghand Shooting Range is Asia’s first and only toxin-free indoor range. Located in Quezon City, it boasts a fully air-conditioned facility with no airborne heavy metals and toxins with an industrial negative ion generator for added safety. After shooting, you can leave the place clean and without heavy residue or foul odor on your body.

Stronghand has 18 bays with 20 meters downrange, with each bay using an automated target system with speed loaders for added convenience.

They also occasionally hold weekend competitions like a 4-stage course of fire for members and non-members.

For more info, you can reach them through their Facebook at or website at

2. Jethro Shooting Range

Owned by world-class shooting champion Jethro Dionisio, this well-equipped range offers indoor shooting facilities for everyone—from beginner to pro to hone their marksmanship skills.

Shooters are assisted by friendly and competent range officers who ensure that weapon safety rules are observed at all times.

They have branches in Makati, Quezon, and Pasig, with 6–8 bays equipped with proper ventilation and armor steel barriers.

For more info, you can reach them through their Facebook at or website at

3. Commander Shooting Range Sports Club

Another one from Quezon City, Commander Shooting Range is a 9-bay shooting complex that offers affordable membership, and promos for first-timers and beginners.

For less than PHP 1000, you can start shooting with 10 rounds of 9mm Teflon, and 10 rounds of 38 RVL, including 1 target paper.

For more info, you can reach them through their Facebook at

4. Tough Guys Shooting Range

Tough Guys Shooting Range has accommodating and professional officers who will assist you with firing. Located in Quezon City, they have a PHP 500 promo which includes 15 rounds of pistol and 1 round of shotgun.

If you plan on visiting, you should get there early since they only accept walk-ins and no reservations. For more info, you can reach them through their Facebook at

5. BalistiKa BGC

Just like video games, but with real guns. Balistika BGC boasts its state-of-the-art technology designed to help grow skills in various realistic scenarios and challenges.

The first in SouthEast Asia, this indoor range uses live-fire simulation with a selection of 32 live-fire games (including zombie mode) so you can experience competing against friends for top scores.

Starting at PHP 2,500, you can have 1-hour use of their interactive lane using a 9mm pistol with 50 rounds.

For more info, you can reach them through their Facebook at or website at

Ready for a destressing hobby filled with the adrenaline rush? Take this list and invite your friends to these firing ranges!

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