Thursday, March 30, 2023

Netizens Reminisce Childhood Memories Through Kakai Bautista’s Viral Video


Netizens Reminisce Childhood Memories Through Kakai Bautista’s Viral Video

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Remembering her previous singing career days, actress Kakai Bautista recorded herself singing the theme song of a local television series, surprising netizens and bringing back old memories.

Starting in 1999, the local television series “Maynila” became a hit for being a platform that showed the real-life struggles of Filipinos.

Little did some Pinoys know, local artist and singer Kakai was the one to sing its nostalgic theme song.
In her TikTok account, Kakai posted a video of her attempting to sing the aforementioned theme song once more.


MAHAL KONG #Maynila SURREAL🥺 #fyp #foryoupage #maynilathemesong #Maynila

♬ original sound – Kakai Bautista – Kakai Bautista

In the video, she even said that it was hard to catch up with her high notes after a long time.

After Kakai uploaded the video, netizens were shocked to know that the actress was the one to sing the theme song of the hit television series.

“Lagi ko ‘to pinapanood noon Maynila pero ngayon ko lang nalaman ikaw pala kumanta, Kakai Bautista. Ang ganda ng boses mo.” one of her TikTok follower said.

Some netizens shared how this video made them bring back memories from their childhood.

“Yung nagmamadali ako maglaba ng Saturday morning dahil nakaabang ako sa Maynila. Childhood memories!” a netizen commented on Kakai’s video.

Netizens also hailed the actress’ singing skills after 23 years, despite her saying that she struggles to keep up with her high notes.

Kakai is a known actress and comedian who was present on different local television dramas and was able to release her single “Huwag Ka Nang Babalik” in 2021.

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