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Pangasinan To Create Salt Center For Research, Production


Pangasinan To Create Salt Center For Research, Production


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The provincial government of Pangasinan will soon establish a salt center in the province to boost research and eventually the production of salt from which the province’s name was taken after.

In an interview Thursday, Governor Ramon Guico III said he is eyeing the establishment of the salt or “asin” center that will be attached to the existing Center for Pangasinan Studies through a provincial ordinance.

“The name of the province came from salt, hence it is the very heart and soul of the province as the largest salt beds in the country are from the province. We really need to help the industry,” he said.

Guico said the creation of the salt center will enable focused research on the commodity.

He said the Pangasinan State University (PSU) is already researching heavily on the salt industry and is set to hold an Asin Congress in the coming months to help the industry.

“The PSU’s and the salt center’s research output will be implemented so that the approach to the dilemma at present could be addressed based on research and evidence,” he added.

Guico also encouraged the representatives of the province to initiate the amendment of the Act for Salt Iodization Nationwide (ASIN) law.

“ASIN law has been prohibitive to our salt-makers. It mandates the iodization of salt products. We need to classify the salt for food grade, industrial, etc, and only iodize those for food grade,” he said.

Guico said salt producers still need more equipment to make their products cheaper yet still sell it at a marketable price.

He also considers including the salt industry in tourist attractions in the province, while boosting its production as a commodity. (PNA)

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