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Senator Villar Pushes For A Free- Rabies Community


Senator Villar Pushes For A Free- Rabies Community


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To help eradicate rabies in a community, Sen. Cynthia A. Villar has embarked on “Libreng Kapon at Ligate” project for dogs and cats in the cities of Las Piñas and Bacoor.

During the 4th leg of this project, Villar reiterated that rabies is endemic in the Philippines.

She noted that more than 300 died from rabies last year.

“Rabies is the most acutely fatal infectious disease transmitted through bites of stray dogs and cats. Rabies is also a public health problem despite the availability of rabies vaccines,” also said Villar.

“The incidence of rabies is highest in Metro Manila and surrounding areas,” she added.

A total of 150 pet parents participated in the 4th Leg of “Libreng Kapon at Ligate” for the dogs and cats in the cities of Las Piñas ang Bacoor before the end of March.

The one-day activity, which was held at the Villar Foundation Farm School, was spearheaded by the senator together with the Villar Foundation and Vets Love Nature.

The quarterly activity intends to promote responsible pet ownership.

“We are also promoting proper animal care such as making sure that our dog is not a nuisance to others. Our pet dog or cat should always be on a leash or under the control of a responsible adult when outside of their premises. Responsible pet owners are to pick up dog waste and do their best to minimize barking,” noted Villar.

The activity includes free castration or kapon, ligate or spaying and anti-rabies vaccinations.

The Villar Foundation has been building animal shelter facility at Camella Springville in Bacoor City.

Villar said this will resolve the perennial problem on stray dogs and cats spreading rabies in a community.