Tuesday, May 28, 2024

VP Sara: MinDA Reliable Agency For Growth In Mindanao


VP Sara: MinDA Reliable Agency For Growth In Mindanao


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Vice President Sara Z. Duterte lauded here Thursday the efforts of the Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA), citing it as a reliable agency driving socio-economic growth in Mindanao.

“Today, we celebrate having a reliable agency responsible for promoting inclusive socio-economic growth through the participation of our partners in the private sector and civil society,” she said.

In time for MinDA’s 13th founding anniversary, Duterte said the institution is an acknowledgment that Mindanao is more than a stage for deadly wars, an island of discontent and rebellion, among others.

“Over the years, you have fostered equitable development efforts and demonstrated our shared ideals of good governance and strong leadership,” she said. For all that it has accomplished for the past 13 years, MinDA has constantly stayed the course, Duterte added.

She acknowledged the way MinDA serves as the government’s arm in extending comprehensive development plans and investment programs that drive Mindanao’s rural and urban development.

“In war-affected parts of Mindanao, MinDA has devoted its energy to programs and projects across the areas of infrastructure development, peacebuilding, and research and development in partnership with higher education institutions,” Duterte cited.

She said MinDA has successfully placed Mindanao on the map of commerce, business, trade, and development.


Agila Executive Room

As the honored guest of its founding anniversary, Duterte and MinDA Secretary Maria Belen Acosta unveiled the Agila Executive Room marker in honor of former President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and the current Vice President.

Acosta said the room serves as an abode of the two Dutertes’ exceptional leadership as the first elected Mindanawon President and Vice President, respectively.

“It is fittingly named after our two Agilas from Davao City. The Agila Room also features a vast view of the city landscape, contrasted with Samal Island’s seascape,” she said. (PNA)