Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Nadine Faith Delluta / Julianne Borje


Hooked On K-Dramas? These Signs Will Confirm It

Here’s how you can tell that you’ve caught the K-drama bug.

Enchanting Themed Parks To Visit In Korea

Are you a fan of thrilling rides or photo-worthy attractions? Here are the best themed parks in Korea.

How To Choose Your Next K-Drama To Watch: 6 Essential Tips

Ensure the next K-drama you’ll pick is worthy to watch with these helpful tips.

New E-Travel QR Code System Simplifies Airport Procedures

Ang upgraded e-Travel system ay nagpapabilis ng proseso ng pagkuha ng clearances sa mga paliparan.

The Art of Filipino-Korean Fusion Cooking

Savor the flavorful experience of Filipino and Korean cuisines coming together.

Regional Specialty Dishes From Korea That You Must Try

Explore Korea’s traditional dishes that reflect local ingredients and culture.

Fashionable Airport Styles From Korean Celebrities

Here’s how Korean celebrities are showing off their personal fashion styles in airports.

Korean Fashion’s Homage To Y2K Trends

Y2K trends are being revived in Korean fashion, with modern takes for newer generations.

Differences Of Coffee Culture In Korea

These things make Korean coffee culture stand out.

K-Pop Male Soloists That Are Captivating Hearts Through Their Music

These K-pop male solo artists bring their unique flair to the songs and performances they deliver.

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